How to Choose a Cat Sitter

Housecats believe their pet folks for food, water and therefore the occasional treat. apart from these basic wants, cats appear to like AN freelance life. therefore why not simply come into being a three-day provide of food and water once you leave the city for an extended weekend?

Turns out, cats do would like the USA — perhaps quite we tend to notice. Hiring a steward can make sure that your cat has adequate food, water and supervising. this can be particularly necessary as a result of these creatures are aware of human company and become stressed by its fulminant absence. Plus, a steward will contact a veterinary if your cat becomes unwell or burned.

As a general rule, your cat shouldn’t be alone for quite twelve hours. If your cat features a strict feeding schedule or needs medication, she could also be able to pay solely 3 or four hours alone. you’ll be able to expect most skilled cat sitters to return to your home a minimum of once daily — a lot of usually if your pet’s health demands it.

“We do no but one visit per day for cats,” says Jennifer Pierce, who, together with her husband Saint Andrew the Apostle, owns the Atlanta-based Spoiled Rotten attention Service. “Some pet sitters can visit each different day, however, that is method too long to go away a cat if one thing goes wrong. A cat’s health will aggravate quickly.”

According to Pet Sitters International, it takes concerning half-hour for a knowledgeable cat sitter to worry for one cat per visit. throughout the visit, the sitter can feed and water your cat and alter the litter box. A cat sitter additionally can play together with your cat, therefore take care to go away many toys — together with several new ones to stay your cat diverted.

If you rent AN amateur cat sitter, like a neighbor or friend, ensure you decide on somebody reliable UN agency can return by a minimum of once daily for a minimum of half-hour. knowledgeable could also be higher trained to handle fussy consumption habits or medication, however, a cat-owning or otherwise capable friend could be a good selection, too.

Be sure to raise any cat sitter concerning their previous cat care experiences. raise knowledgeable sitter for references — and take care to decision them. As a bonus, skilled pet sitters are usually secure and insured, which provides extra safety and peace of mind.

There is a variety of boarding facilities that settle for cats for nightlong care, however, this feature could also be stressful for cats that are wont to a way more personal (and quiet) atmosphere. Hiring a steward to look at your cat reception sidesteps this issue, and is usually concerning 0.5 the worth of boarding your cat aloof from home.


On average, a steward can charge $15 to $20 per day for one cat, with {an extra|a further|an extra} $5 about for every additional cat. it should price a lot of for the sitter to pay early morning or evening visits to your home. Pierce adds that if a cat needs quite half-hour of care or diversion, her company charges a further fee.

Industry organizations just like the National Association of skilled Pet Sitters and Pet Sitters International supply coaching and certification to their members, furthermore as online member databases to assist you to find a steward in your space. Your cat’s veterinary or fellow pet folks additionally could have suggestions.

Expect your steward to use a contract that details their services, fees and responsibilities — some sitters can even water houseplants or usher in the mail. raise the sitter however they’d take care of your pet if a natural disaster occurred whereas you were gone, or if your pet becomes sick or hurt.

Most pet sitters can return to your home many days before their services are required. This way, the sitter will meet the cat, get a fast tour, think again the cat’s schedule and answer (or ask) extra queries.

If you rent a disciple or neighbor to visualize on your cat throughout your absence, you may supply to pay them $5 to $10 daily or gift them with a present upon your come back. otherwise, you might come back the favor instead. for instance, matches pet house owners willing to look at every other’s pets — for free of charge.

Whether you decide on a knowledgeable or a volunteer to cat sit, the time and energy you place into designing can facilitate make sure that it slow apart could be positive expertise for your feline friend.