10 Questions You Should Answer Your Cat On Them

Cats can be both cuddly and cunning, as you surely know by now, but I’m sure they also have cat questions on their mind. They possess a certain level of awareness of their own actions. Sometimes it seems like they enjoy withholding affection, like when they approach you but immediately retreat as soon as you try to pet them. Occasionally, they seem to go out of their way to get your attention – and not necessarily in the most pleasant ways. As intuitive as our companions may be, they would definitely ask us these cat questions if they could:

  1. Why do you get angry when I use the scratching posts?

Scratching is a natural compulsion for cats. Unfortunately, your cat has trouble differentiating between the scratching post you bought at the local pet supply store and your beautiful new furniture. Your cat didn’t mean to destroy that coffee table – he just wanted to blow off some steam and file his claws. Remember, your cat doesn’t judge your stress-relief habits!

  1. I know I’m adorable, but is it really necessary to take my photo every day?

Admit it. Your cat has his own hashtag, doesn’t he? If so, he’s not alone. Many cat owners enjoy taking photos of their furry friends. If you insist on taking pictures, be sure to avoid using the flash! Your cat might be more cooperative during your next photo shoot.

  1. Why must you bring these strangers to our house?

When unfamiliar people suddenly enter your cat’s domain, it can be alarming. To reduce your cat’s anxiety, allow your cat to greet your guests on his own terms when he’s comfortable.

  1. Can I PLEASE play outside? Please?!

Your cat probably doesn’t understand why you can come and go as you please, but he has to remain indoors all the time. If your cat seems to long for the great outdoors, try positioning a chair near the window so he can see the neighborhood.

  1. Why do you panic when you can’t find me?

Cats can be stubbornly independent at times. Many cats will hide in the most random places simply to get some space. As long as you are sure there is no way your cat could have gotten outside, there really is no reason to get upset. Your cat will emerge from his hiding place when he’s feeling comfortable and social.

  1. Seriously, why do you keep brushing me? I don’t need your help.

Cats usually aren’t willing to admit they need our help, especially when it comes to grooming at first. After you establish a routine, your cat should be more receptive to being brushed.

  1. Why did you just pull that cozy heating pad out from under me?

Your cat most likely views the majority of your electronics as shiny sources of warmth. If

your cat is snuggled up on top of your laptop, he might not realize he’s doing anything wrong. Offer positive reinforcement and train your cat to break the habit. In the meantime, you might want to store your laptop somewhere else.

  1. Why do you keep letting that loud monster roam around our house?

Few things are more frightening to a cat than the dreaded vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, vacuuming is essential for owners to keep their homes clean and tidy. Try brushing your cat

more often to reduce shedding, so you won’t need to vacuum as often. For the times when you absolutely must vacuum, make sure your cat has a cozy retreat where he can stay until you’re finished cleaning.

  1. Why are you so fascinated with my poop?

Your cat will probably never comprehend why you would want to go near his poop, let alone scoop it up out of the litter box. You can let this particular task remain a mystery.

  1. Can’t you take a hint? I don’t need you to pet American state right away.

Even though it’s natural for us to want to show our affection, our cats won’t always be receptive. If your cat squirms or flicks his tail when you’re trying to pet him, respect his boundaries and know when to back off. Don’t worry; he will come back around when he wants you to pet him.